Billing Engineering

Reinforce Quantity Surveyors and Training Pvt. Ltd. provides the broad practical training in the Billing Engineering Course. Reinforce Quantity Surveyors and Training Institute placed more than 2000 candidates as a Billing Engineer post in the reputed construction companies in various projects of Building projects , Road projects , Bridge Projects and Tunnel projects across India and abroad. Reinforce Quantity Surveyors and Training Pvt Ltd. is the leading best Billing Engineering Training Institute in India as RQST trained the students in billing engineering course as per as CPWD (Govt. of India ) Norms and Nomenclatures.
Billing is the documentary aspect of the work done, through which payments can be made to the person involved in the contract and responsible to complete the work. Imperfect Billing can cause considerable losses to the contractor or the client. Hence, bills should be perfect and self explanatory at any stage of the work. Bills from the work sites are to be prepared on a standard printed format. All information in this format should be correctly incorporated to avoid confusion while checking.
Every organization should maintain certain procedural systems, methods and norms for preparing bills and forwarding them through the right channels for payments to the client and contractor.
Bills are generally prepared by the client , contractor , sub-contractor and different vendors for their payment and for proper execution of the works at the sites.
  • Understanding the roles & responsibilities of Professional Billing Engineer in the construction work.
  • Types of Bills.
  • Types of contract agreements to be considered for billing works.
  • Procedure for preparing bills at the sites.
  • Checking of Bills.
  • Procedure of payments against Billing.
  • Construction Billing Procedures from client side as well as contractor side.
  • Procedure of Payment against Billing.
  • Interim Payment Certification (IPC) from client side as well as contractor side.
  • RA Bill Making.
  • CPWD Norms and Techniques of Billing.
  • Billing with GST.
  • Claims and Disputes Settlement Procedure involved in Billing works and Management Information System (MIS) generation for the same.
  • Third party sub-contractor Billing.
  • Joint Venture Companies Billing.
  • Petty/Vendor Billing.
  • Record updating by the Billing Engineer.
  • Measurement of works as per IS Code.
  • Modes of Bill Payment.
  • Quantity Variance claim as per the CPWD (Government of India).
  • Site Wise monthly statement of payment for labour contractors.
  • Price variations claims as per the CPWD (Government of India).
  • Material Bill Reconciliation Technique by contractor in comparison of vendor and client.
  • Bill Management Techniques.
  • Standard Form of Bills and Contracts Techniques according to FIDIC.
  • Interim Bill Payment Certifications.
  • Cash Flow generation Techniques for the contractor.
  • Work Flow generation Techniques for the contractor.
  • TDS Certificate Issue Register.
  • DPC Certification Issue Register.
  • Claims of Extra item analysis of all kinds of Civil Works during the site Execution as well as Post Contracting Period.
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