Planning Engineering Primavera P6

ReinforceQST Private Limited Institute offers the top Planning Engineering and Contract Management course in India, which is created to give students the theoretical understanding and hands-on experience they need to succeed in this fast- paced industry. A leading training Institute, ReinforceQST Private limited is committed to offering top-notch instruction and professional skill development in the area of Planning engineering and Construction Management.
Planning Engineering and Construction Management is a crucial topic in the disciplines of civil engineering and construction.Planning engineers identify and design the most appropriate and financially feasible engineering and construction techniques for projects. They participate in all phases of the development process and supervise construction on the job site. ReinforceQST Private Limited training institution is committed to offering thorough and specialized training in the discipline of Planning Engineering Construction and Management.Reinforce QST private limited Institute stands out as a top option for aspirant site engineers in India, particularly in the city of Delhi, with a focus on providing students with practical knowledge and industry-relevant abilities.

Why choose ReinforceQST?

The ReinforceQST private limited Institute is best in providing training in Planning Engineering. Reinforce Construction and Projects Private limited is the best training Institute where we provide training in Planning Engineering Construction and Management, Primavera P6 and related planning engineering topics. Our institute is committed to provide ambitious professionals with the abilities and information required to succeed in the fields of project management and planning engineering.
Planning Engineering and Construction Management Training Course recognises the value of thorough training in this constantly changing profession as a top planning engineering training facility. For our students to acquire a well-rounded education, a variety of topics are included in our curriculum. We provide a comprehensive learning experience, including everything from project creation and time scheduling to relationship linking and resource budgeting.
The usage of Primavera P6 for project management is one of the main areas of emphasis in our training course.Training will be provided by highly qualified professionals in the field who will walk students through the nuances of using this potent software correctly.

What Students/Professionals should expect from the Course?

Planning Engineering and Construction Management The Planning Engineering and Construction Management Course play pivotal roles in the successful execution of Construction Projects.This course will familiarize participants with Construction Management strategies,including cost estimation,resource allocation,risk assessment and Quality control.Course will enable Students to master Primavera P6 as a vital tool for planning engineering project management as they delve into the fundamental facets of project planning, execution, and control.
We place a strong emphasis on the relationship idea and the critical path method (CPM) in project planning during our training sessions. Students obtain a thorough understanding of task interdependencies and how to spot the key route, which establishes how long the project will take overall. By mastering these ideas, our students develop the skills necessary to streamline resource allocation, reduce delays, and optimize project timetables.
Additionally, a crucial component of planning engineering is resource budgeting, which is covered in our Planning Engineering and Construction Management Training course. When deciding how to distribute resources effectively, students take into account things like the amount of labor, machinery, and supplies needed to finish a project. Planning Engineering Construction and Management Training Course will enable our students to develop realistic and doable resource budgets through practical exercises and real-world case studies. In addition to teaching project management methods, we teach risk analysis. The identification, evaluation, and mitigation of potential risks that might occur throughout a project are skills that students acquire. ReinforceQST Private limited stress the need for proactive risk management and assist our students in putting methods into practice so that project disruptions are kept to a minimum and success is maximized.
Our cutting-edge teaching facilities at our planning engineering institute are furnished with the most recent tools and technology. Our instructors encourage students to communicate with one another, ask questions, and participate in group projects to create a positive learning atmosphere.
After completing our training course, students become proficient planning engineers who are familiar with the nuances of Primavera P6 and possess the knowledge and abilities necessary for efficient project management. Our graduates are equipped to succeed in their chosen industries, whether they choose to work in engineering, construction, or any other sector that demands efficient project planning.
Begin your road towards a happy and rewarding career in planning engineering by enrolling in our ReinforceQST Private Limited right away. Acquire the knowledge required to handle challenging projects, streamline workflow, and ensure success. ReinforceQST Private Limited assists you with laying a solid foundation in project management and planning so that you may take advantage of fascinating career chances.
  • Procurement phase (Bidding and award phase)
  • Construction Phase
  • Closeout Phase
  • Residential Housing Construction
  • Institutional and Commercial Building Construction
  • Specialized Industrial Construction
  • Infrastructure and Heavy Construction
  • The Owner (Client)
  • The Design Professionals
  • The Construction Professionals
  • The Project Manager
  • What is a Contract
  • Selection of Contract Type
    • Project Objectives
    • Project Constraints
  • Project Delivery Methods
    • Traditional Approach
    • Direct Labor
    • Design-Build
    • Turnkey
    • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
    • Professional Construction Management (PCM)
    • Contractual Relationships
  • Types of Contracts
  • Contract Administration
  • Selecting the Contractor
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Introduction
  • Project Planning Steps
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • WBS and organizational breakdown structure (OBS)
    • WBS coding
    • Project Activities
    • Activities Relationships
    • Logical relationship considering resource constraints
    • Overlap or lag
    • Types of activities relationships
    • Drawing Project Network
  • Estimating Activity Duration and Direct Cost
  • The Critical Path Method
  • Calculations for the Critical Path Method
    • Activity-On-Arrow Networks Calculations
    • Forward path
    • Backward path
    • Float calculations
    • Identifying the Critical Activities
    • Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
  • Time-Scaled Diagrams
  • Schedule Presentation
  • Criticisms to Network Techniques
  • Linear Projects
  • Resource-Driven Scheduling
  • Line of Balance (LOB)
    • Basic Representation
    • LOB Calculations
    • Crew synchronization
    • Meeting a deadline duration
    • Calculating resource needs
    • Drawing the LOB Schedule
  • Resource Definition
  • Resource Management
  • Resource scheduling
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Aggregation (Loading)
  • Resource Leveling (Smoothing)
  • Scheduling with Limited Resource
Tracking work
  • Control Systems
  • Linking the WBS and CPM
  • Coding Systems for Project Reports
  • Control Schedules for Time and Cost
  • Relationships Between Time and Work
  • Earned-Value System
  • Monitoring Project Performance
  • Causes of Cost Vs Schedule Variances
  • Time-Cost Trade-Off
  • Activity Time-Cost Relationship
  • Project Time-Cost Relationship
  • Shortening Project Duration
  • Contract Cash Flow
    • Construction Project Costs
    • Project direct costs
    • Project indirect costs
    • The S-Curve
    • Project Income (Cash-in)
    • Calculating Contract Cash Flow
  • Project Cash Flow
  • Finalizing a Tender Price
    • Estimating Profit Margin
    • Risk Management
    • Response to Risk and Uncertainties
    • Risk Analysis
    • Estimating Profit Margin
    • Estimating Profit Margin
    • Estimating Profit Margin
  • Pricing Policy
    • Balanced bid (straight forward method)
    • Unbalanced bid (Loading of Rates)
    • Method Related Charge
  • Problems that may Arise During Construction
  • Schedule Updating
  • Delays Analysis
    • Types of Delays
    • The As-Built Schedule
    • Analysis of Concurrent Delays
  • Earned Value Management
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